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Base Oils & Additives


Category: Base Oils & Additives

1. Product Name: Transformer Oil

More Details:

Our Transformer Oils are manufactured from carefully selected New Generation Right Base Oil with emphasis on product purity at every stage of refining.

They have excellent cooling efficiency, longer life, better insulation properties, reduced corrosive sulphur and aromatic contents, withstand extreme climatic conditions and are tested in independent laboratories of CPRI/ERDA/LABROELEC.

Manufactured to meet the following specifications:

  • BS 148 – Class I & II
  • IEC 296 – Class I & II
  • IEC 60296
  • ASTM D3487 Type I & II

2. Product Name: White Mineral Oil

More Details:

ARRAY’s range of mineral oils are severally refined hydro cracked/hydro-treated oils with the highest degree of purity and are stabilized with suitable additives for oxidation/UV stability.

Array’s White Oils are suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications.

The WOP range not only conforms to international requirements but also surpasses the current requirements of NF, US Pharmacopeia (USP), British Pharmacopeia (BP), European Pharmacopeia (EP) and Indian Pharmacopeia (IP).

3. Product Name: Rubber Process Oil

More Details:

Array manufactures a wide range of standard as well as customized Rubber Process Oils to cater to manufacturers of NR, SBR, PBR, Butyl and EPDM based rubber products. RPO is normally classified in three basic types depending upon the presence of Carbon atom, namely Aromatic, Paraffinic & Naphthenic Oil.

Aromatic Oils: Generally dark in color and good compatibility with most Rubber Polymers. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of Automobile Tyres, Tread Rubber, Conveyor Belts, Automotive Components and Floor Mats etc., where a color of the end product is not important.

Paraffinic Oils: Generally light in color having a wide viscosity range, higher Aniline and flash point. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of butyl tubes, EPDM based rubber products, such as profiles, hose pipe and automotive Components.

Naphthenic Oils: Has a good color stability, solubility and thermal stability. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of foot wear, LPG tubes, hot water bags, moulded and extruded products. It may be used as a banbury lubricant in Rubber Industries.

Low PCA Oils: A new generation oils meeting EU requirement.  It is MES type of oil having PCA less than 3% as per IP 346.

3. Product Name: Base Oil

More Details:

ARRAY supplies a diverse range of premium Base Oils procured from renowned refineries across the world. We offer Group I, II and III base oils, recognized for our strict adherence to the highest industry standards and procedures, We provide “One stop” supply solutions and convenience for all our customers procurement requirements.

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