Doux Chicken Franks

Doux Original Chicken Franks, available in 4 flavoures; i.e. original, cheese, garlic, hot & spicy

Pack Size: 340 grams

Carton Size: 24X340 grams

Tie Associates Limited

Tie Associates Limited

We Tie Association Ltd, are the only organization in Bangladesh since 1980 engaged in importer of food grains, various food items, frozen processed meat, dairy and cheese products from Brazil, Australia, France, Singapore, UAE, Thai- land, Malaysia, India in Bangladesh to supply these to different retail as well as chain stores, retail store, corner shops, stores and superstores in Bangladesh on regular basis. We have all logistics to support our business including our fleet of chiller vans to deliver to different outlets and superstore.

Currently, we are also having offices almost in all major cities in Bangladesh. When we import bulk, we keep these stocks in appropriate chiller and use air-conditioned delivery vans for onward deliveries to our different outlets. 

Currently, we are presenting some of the world-renowned companies around the world as a sole importer & distributor in Bangladesh, some major companies are Bega Cheese from Australia, Doux Chicken from France, Arla Dairy Company from Denmark, Taya's Chocolate from Turkey and Lutosa French Fries from Belgium etc,