Brake Oil

To be used for all types brakes and clutches.

Pack Size: 500 ml & 205 Liter

Carton Size: 12X500 ml, 1X205 Liter

Basumati Distribution Limited (BDL)

Basumati Distribution Limited (BDL)

Basumati Distribution Limited (BDL) is an integral part of Basumati group of companies where BDL is a petroleum products manufacturing company in Bangladesh established in Savar, Dhaka, having its own distribution countrywide network and own Sales & Customer Care Centre being marketed its full range products by two specific brand names, i.e. ‘SPEEDY’ and ‘BOPIL‘. The superior performance of BDL products is a result of many decades of pioneering technology and applied research, which enables BDL to uphold its status as quality manufacturer, having its international standard factory situated on 50,000 sq. ft. land area.

BDL’s quality products have been specifically to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of plant and equipment used in most sectors of the economy. The performance features, performance levels and key properties and described in such a manner as to aid appropriate products selection.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is up-to-date and accurate. It should be pointed out, however, that typical values quoted for lubricants physical properties may vary within a specific range one-production batch to another. All products marketed by BDL, however, confirm to BDL’s strict internal quality requirements, which are of the highest international standard.

At BDL, R& D is a continuous process with dedicated efforts for improvising the existing standards with the help of sophisticated technology in order to improve not only the performance but also the environmental compatibility to top it all. We have a well-organized and well-implemented quality control system empowering local and foreign expertize to ensure that the specified quality is achieved at every stage of production. Each and every batch, which leaves the plant, is checked and tested in a well-equipped laboratory to ensure that the finished product meets all the international standards and specifications. It should also be made clear that product recommendations are, by necessity, made in general terms and should never take precedence over any recommendation made by the original equipment manufacturer. Our technical service engineers provide comprehensive technical advice training and services to our valued customers regarding various applications of oil products in different types of machineries and processes as and when required.